Let’s be honest; a woman’s engagement ring and wedding band truly matter, and when these personal items are not with you, something just doesn’t feel right.

Just ask newlywed Cathleen Turner who was on her honeymoon with her groom Da Wei. The young couple from Wakefield had arrived at Block Island in Rhode Island to spend their glorious moments together as husband and wife. Then, something terrible happened on this island paradise while they were enjoying the sun and surf.

Block Island is stunning and does not often receive the attention that the famous isles of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard are known for. That’s alright; for the visitors who know all about Block Island’s natural beauty, they’re happy to keep it secret.

Twelve miles off the Rhode Island coast, Block Island features amazing beaches, scenic ocean vistas, 32 miles of hiking trails, 250-foot-high coastal cliffs and so much more.

It’s no wonder Cathleen and Da Wei chose this honeymoon destination, but a couple of things got lost along the way, and one Block island resident happened upon the incident at Mansion Road.

Allison Anderson was driving in her car when she saw the couple walking on the side of the road. Cathleen appeared to be distraught and crying. Mrs. Anderson offered them a ride and asked them if she could assist them in any way. The newlyweds agreed to a ride, and then the story unfolded.

Cathleen and Da Wei were trying to retrace their steps to find her missing engagement and wedding rings. Cathleen thought she had lost the rings in that spot on Mansion Road but could not find them anywhere on the ground. The pair had only been married for a few days now, and this was not like anything they had ever expected might occur.

Mrs. Anderson and another elderly resident Bruce Johnson put their heads together to see if they could secretly help Cathleen and Da Wei, so they went to the Block Island Bulletin Board to try and raise funds to replace the lost rings.

Sure enough, the community happily responded, and the funds began piling up. It did not take long to gather enough money to buy Cathleen a replacement ring. Block Island jewelers Goldiggers and Peter Gibbons arranged for a wedding band that could be purchased wholesale. Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Johnson and some friends who donated to the wonderful cause kindly surprised the couple and presented the shiny gold ring on the little porch of the Blue Dory Inn one afternoon.

cat da engagement ring block island lost

There was a hand-written note from Mr. Gibbons telling “Cat and Da” that they would also be sending the couple a check to help them pay for a new engagement ring. The lovely photo says it all.
To say that Cathleen and Da Wei were blown away would be an understatement. The newlyweds were touched, and Cathleen cried, saying she was “overwhelmed.”

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Source: blockislandtimes.com


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