Tourists in the Florida Everglades got the shock of their lives when a large alligator jumped into their boat — and it was all caught on Facebook Live.

Missouri couple Tylor Hindery, his wife Emerald and two other tourists were enjoying the Florida sunshine at the Polk County Reserve when the unthinkable happened. The wind blew the tour boat up against the bank where the massive beast was sunning itself.

Tylor had his camera trained on the gator as the guide worked to free the boat. Because of the gator’s proximity to the boat, the guide even jokingly suggested that the passengers reach out and touch it.

“It was right when the guide was shoving us off the bank when it happened,” said Tylor.

The gator suddenly jumped into the boat, causing the four tourists to scream and scramble to the other side. “It was pretty chaotic in the beginning because we were pretty shocked,” said Tylor.

The terrified crew watched as the beast walked across the boat. After getting stuck in the boat’s railing for a few seconds, it dove into the water. Although he was a bit shaken up, Tylor managed to steady his camera long enough to capture everything.

Dozens of people were watching the incident live on Facebook. The video has since gone viral with nearly 1 million hits.

In an interview with Springfield’s KY3, the couple said they had never been that scared before. They said the guide ran toward the gator and scared it out of the boat.
“I still can’t believe it happened,” said Tylor.

Tylor says his sister was watching the entire thing on Facebook. “She said she thought she was watching the end of me. She was pretty shaken up over the whole thing. But once she okay once the gator got out the boat.”

Aside from the Hinderys, two other tourists and the guide were the only people on the boat.

Florida has been marked with several alligator incidents over the last few months. While there have been no injuries, there have been a few close calls. According to the state’s Game and Fish Commission, the number of human-gator incidents is on the rise due to the invasion of their habitat.

Tylor says he would definitely go back out on a tour again.

“This was just a random, isolated situation. I’m not going to let it scare me from doing what I want to do.”

Tylor says he never felt like he or the other tourists were ever in any real danger. He says the gator never made any aggressive moves. “It jumped straight into the water.”

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