Baby Charlotte Keane was born with bilateral profound congenital hearing loss. This happens in about 1 of every 1,000 to 2,000 births, as reported by the American Hearing Research Foundation. The whole time that her mother, Christy, was pregnant, there was no warning that this could be a possibility. Originally, Charlotte’s hearing problems were diagnosed as a fluid blockage.

Her mother says, “She has very profound hearing loss and is not and will not be cured. She will always be deaf and we cannot tell what degree of hearing the aids are giving her, we just know she’s showing great and positive responses.”

Currently, the family is looking into hearing implants for Charlotte that would basically take the place of the damaged parts of her ears. Hearing aids can potentially help, but they can only amplify sound that she can already hear, rather than actually helping her anatomy hear sounds more effectively.

The hearing aids that Charlotte currently uses were given to the Keanes by donors free of charge. Despite everything they have been through, the family claims to be moving forward and they have plans to have Charlotte working with a speech therapist in order to learn how to talk. They are also looking into sign language and teaching it to Charlotte at a young age.

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However, in this video, Charlotte is hearing her mother’s voice for the first time. She gets very visibly emotional at this sound that she has never heard before, and her mother starts to get emotional too and continues to talk to her daughter.

When Christy talks about the experience afterward, “I have never in my life seen that face before. I’m her mother, and I know the look in her eyes when she said, upset, or hurting, and that connection, and that moment when our eyes met and she heard my voice for the first time, that was true emotion from her.”

In the video, Charlotte alternates between looking like she is going to cry and smiling joyfully as she hears her mother’s voice for the first time. Christy did not originally plan on making the video public, but relatives upon seeing it asked her to share it on social media, and she decided that there would be no real harm in doing so.

It turned out that the video went viral, as it was shared about 263,000 times and has been viewed 14 million times on Facebook.

Obviously, this video caused people to react very powerfully. It makes sense that this would be the case, as this baby was not supposed to hear anything in her life, and now she is hearing her mother’s voice for the very first time and reacting in a very powerful and emotional way.

The emotion of mama and baby elicit a very strong reaction from whoever will be watching it, which is likely why the video ended up going viral so quickly upon being introduced to the internet.

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