Imagine starting your day: Waking up, getting dressed, and heading out to work. On your lunch break, you head out to get food and fill your car up with gas, you know, the usual.

Now as you fill up your tank, inevitably watching the cost shoot up much faster than the actual amount of gas that is flowing into your tank, you hear a car door. There are plenty of other drives filling up their own tanks, so you don’t think much of it.

Then it dawns on you: that was your door closing. Just as you make that realization, your car begins to drive away as it is being stolen.

One man tried to steal a car as the owner of the car was pumping gas directly into the car. In broad daylight.

This guy was dumb enough to attempt to actually get in the car and take off. The owner, quick thinking on her part but quite dangerous to do, jumped in the car to try to stop the thief.

Once the woman jumped in the car with the thief, she distracted him. She distracted him so much that he almost hit a gas truck filling the main pumps, possibly trying to clip the woman out of the passenger side.

The driver of the gas truck immediately realized that something wasn’t right when he noticed a car erratically trying to drive away with a frantic woman half in the passenger seat.

The gas truck driver quickly ran around to the driver’s side just as the car thief attempted to dart from the car. Grabbing him in a huge bear hug, the fuel driver attempted to subdue the thief.

The two wrestled for several feet while other patrons hesitantly started towards them to maybe help. Unfortunately, the thief got away, but not without leaving behind a baseball cap and a couple of shirts.

The gas truck driver saved the woman’s car. While jumping in the car was absolutely risky, this woman probably caused the carjacker to pause just long enough to allow the trucker to step in. It is highly advised that you don’t jump into your car as it is being stolen, however.

Police are looking for a man somewhere between mid-twenty to late thirties, Caucasian, with dark hair wearing blue jean, a light gray shirt, and white gym shoes. If you recognize the man in that video or have any tips on this event, call Allen Park police at (313) 386-7800.

Had the gas truck driver not intervened, the woman may not have had such a happy ending. While there are bad people in the world, the good outshine them. Thank goodness for good samaritan and their willingness to step in and lend a hand when they need to. Introduce more happy in the world! Like and SHARE this with your family and friends now!



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