What would life be like without pets? Most of us don’t care to imagine a world like that. The horrific idea of there being no good dogs to pet, fluffy cats to play with, bunnies to cuddle, or birds to sing with is the stuff of nightmares! The next door neighbors very well may enjoy a world like this, but we definitely wouldn’t!

It’s wonderful to love pets, and maybe more so to be loved back. Take Onni for example:

In this video, there is a cockatoo that is desperately waiting for its owner to come home. When its owner does finally get back home, the bird goes crazy with happiness, so happy that its human is back where he belongs. Onni is a one-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo who loves his owner so much that he actually sits and waits for him to come home every single day from work. Funnily enough, Onni is a Finnish name that means luck and happiness, which might be exactly what this little cockatoo is for its beloved owner.

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The video begins with this beautiful white bird sitting on the windowsill and waiting for its owner to walk through the door. When it sees the man walking up the driveway, it is constantly squawking and walking up and down the windowsill as the man approaches. The man is smiling through the window, looking at his beloved bird getting so excited on the windowsill. When he finally does walk through the door, the delighted Onni actually takes flight and goes right over to the door, and finally perches on his hand. The man and the bird then have an actual conversation, showing just how much the bird loves that he is home to interact with for the rest of the night.

As you can see if you have watched this video, a dog is not the only animal that can be excited when a human walks through the door. Even though people do not think of birds as the most affectionate and emotional animals, this particular cockatoo proves that this is not always the case. This beautiful white bird is clearly thrilled when its owner comes home, and it is a safe guess that this is not the only day that this has happened. It is clear that the relationship between man and bird can be just as strong as the relationship between man and dog in some cases, and it is very good that this beautiful bird has a great home in which it is loved by its owners.

It just goes to show that it is not possible to judge a book by the cover. Many people would think that a bird only serves for entertainment purposes, as some of them are able to talk. However, it is clear from this video that they are not only able to talk but also to actually express emotion and make their owners feel loved whenever they are around and when they come home.

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Source: Rumble


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