We’ve all said “my stomach was in knots” when we were nervous or anxious. But, have you ever thought about what it would actually look like if you stomach was in a knot?  Bodypainting artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic shows us in this incredible time lapse clip!

Kika popularity rose to astounding heights with her ‘wooden puppet doll’ project.   That alone won her internet fame and also the National NYX Face Awards competition in optical illusion.

Kika’s skills are amazing!  There are numerous illusions she has created.

Kika’s skills in the art of body painting can not be compared! We have seen her do all sorts of incredible illusions.

Her painting and knowledge of the human anatomy are outstanding! Oh and speaking of anatomy Kika painted her entire body to look like a skeleton.

Go check that out the video where she breaks down the “stomach in a knot” step by step.


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