Sadly, there are literally thousands of dogs, cats and other pets living in hopeless situations. Most of them are strays that have nowhere to go. When natural disasters strike, many pets are released or left behind to roam the streets. Some of them are reunited with their owners, while others end up getting euthanized.

This is not the case with one fortunate pup. Kanya and her siblings were found roaming the streets of Thailand. There were 10 puppies in all with no hope and nowhere to go. They had no food or shelter and were forced to rummage through trash bins and garbage piles to find something to eat. This is dangerous due to the spread of disease. Many of these dogs also end up in Thailand’s vast meat market trade.

Kanya was living alongside the pigs in Thailand, not an ideal living situation by any means!

Thankfully, Kanya is getting another chance to live a good life. A few good Samaritans who found her and her siblings took them off the street. They were fed and cared for generously by a couple of organizations. There are a number of global charities like K9Aid and Life Animal Rescue that do yeoman’s work in animal rescue. Not only are they able to feed the animals and take care of their basic needs, they place the pets with owners in the United States.

Kanya meeting her new family

After making the long 17-hour journey to the states, Kanya was adopted by a good family. Today, Kanya is living the good life and being loved and cared for. Sadly, not all stories end like this. The vast majority of animals end up being euthanized.

individuals who would like to make a difference can donate flight miles or become a flight volunteer. These volunteers work around the globe to make a better place for animals of all types. They work tirelessly to ensure that animals are freed from desperate conditions.

The flight volunteer program asks travelers who are going to different locations around the world to accompany an animal. The main reason why animal flight volunteers are needed is to keep the animal calm and bond with the animal up until boarding time.
It is also very cost-effective. While the adoptive family pays for the flight, K9Aid pays for the animal’s food, medicine and vet care before it departs.

The volunteer doesn’t have to worry about anything other than traveling with the pet. Once the pet is taken off the carousel wheel, the flight volunteer only has to turn it over to its adoptive family. Flight volunteers receive a great deal of satisfaction when seeing the pet meeting its new family for the first time. For more information about volunteering, go to

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