When you have multiple animals, it can be kind of hard to make sure they are all getting along well. In many cases, they do, but there is an interesting dynamic between them. There is a particularly interesting dynamic between dogs and cats.

Even though a lot of people have been told that cats are afraid of dogs and dogs chase cats, the dynamic is usually quite different between them.

Usually, if a cat and a dog are in the same place, it turns out that the cat ends up ruling the roost. Dogs are often afraid of cats, and cats usually end up in charge when there is a cat and a dog in the same home.

In the case of this video, a cat was assuming a very typical role. Cats often feel that it is okay to eat the dog’s food or sleep in the dog’s spot because really, the dog needs to know that the cat is in charge anyway. This cat decided to set itself down in the dog’s bed, but what it couldn’t have anticipated was that Pixel the dog was not going to take the situation lying down.

The way he handled the situation was not violent, but simply assertive. In fact, it can be said that this dog, Pixel, is an inspiration to dogs everywhere who are having to deal with cats who need to learn that they should not just assume they are in charge.

The video starts with Pixel noisily playing with chew toys right next to the cat who is resting comfortably in his bed. Perhaps he is just trying to annoy the cat into leaving rather than actually being aggressive and making demands.

However, he actually does become aggressive after a short time.

He starts pulling on the bed with his teeth and dragging it, and eventually just flips it a little bit so that the cat ends up jumping out. After the cat is out of the bed, the dog nudges it around a little bit and pushes it into a corner before climbing back into it and taking his rightful place in his own bed.

The camera then moves back to the cat, who is just sitting in another location looking perplexed after having been displaced in such an unceremonious manner.

Watching this video, you can’t help feeling a little bit of triumph for Pixel and actually for dogs everywhere. He displaced the cat from his own bed without resorting to violence, but he made it clear he was not going to put up with that behavior.

The cat felt like it was in charge, and in this case, the dog found his own way of standing up to the cat and saying no, you are not going to rule over me and expect me to just put up with it.

Other dogs could definitely take a page out of Pixel’s book when they are dealing with a cat who thinks that it is in charge.

Do you celebrate Pixel’s triumph or the cat’s assertiveness? Let us know in the comments below and please share this video!

Source: Rumble


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