A lot of teenage kids these days are notoriously very selfish. Millennials are known to care more about what is on their cell phones then what is around them in the real world.

However, not all kids of this age are like this. Leah Kirwan is a definite exception.

This 17-year-old girl has a younger brother, named Noah, who has Down syndrome. She’s a very talented musician and decided to write a song dedicated completely to him.

It is a sweet and upbeat song with beautiful lyrics that basically just express how special she feels her little brother is and how she feels about him overall.

It is very obvious that she loves him very much and wants to protect him from what can sometimes be a very cruel and unfair world.

There is a video available of her singing the song to her little brother, who is sitting right next to her as she is strumming away on her guitar and singing the lyrics.

The bond between brother and sister is very clear in this video, and it is very heartwarming to see.

The song starts with, “The day I saw your baby face, you make this world a better place.” She goes on to talk about how she doesn’t want him to be affected by all of the bad people out there who don’t see in him what she sees, but she does see him as a star who does make the world better.

It is very heartwarming to see how strongly she feels for her little brother and how much she obviously wants to protect him from the rest of the world. It is also very heartwarming just to see them together because it is very obvious that both brother and sister love each other very much.

Many families are not lucky to have this kind of love, but these two obviously are, and everyone who sees them together can tell just how close they really are.

Leah posted this video on her Facebook profile, and she makes it clear that she wrote this song for her little brother.

The video so far has accumulated more than 80,000 views. They have also won over the internet not only with this video but with their cover of DJ David Guetta’s Titanium, which is not only a popular song but Noah’s very favorite song.

The internet definitely looks forward to seeing more videos from this wonderful brother-sister duo.

It is very clear that her brother is not only an important family member to her but also her muse for a lot of her artistic endeavors.

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Source: rumble.com


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