“Out of the mouths of babes” usually means that our precious little ones often say some of the darndest things.

Consider our story of an Arizona mom and her 15-month-old daughter Gemma Kate. It’s quite incredible and will warm your heart as it has around the world.

At that tender young age of a baby, the experts say that these adorable children would have a small vocabulary of usually “Mama” and “Dada” and a few more words like dog, ball, etc. These little minds are also quite smart at 15 months and able to follow simple commands.

Gemma Kate Neely has to be one of the cutest babies around with large blue eyes and a button nose. She also loves snuggling with her mom Michelle on the couch and copying her every word or at least, trying to.

Gemma Kate is one of Michelle and Dennis Neely’s three children. As the youngest one of the bunch, she is quite the performer who can cause any person on the planet to break out into a big, happy smile.

Momma Michelle had noticed that Gemma Kate seems to enjoy singing and has quite an adorable set of pipes on her. One day, she decided to record them both singing and see if her tiny one would break out into song.

There they sat on the couch with Gemma Kate bundled cozily under a blanket close to her mom’s bosom. Michelle began singing, “I love you-uuuuuu!” She emphasized the word “you” in a high vibrato at the end.

There was a slight pause, and then, little Gemma Kate mimicked her mom, stared straight into the camera and belted out her own version of “I love you-uuuuuu!” Hers sounded more like “Ya woo-ooooo!”

It was the cutest thing to hear, and Momma Michelle tried it again and again. Each time, little Gemma Kate cooed and mimicked her mom’s words.

Their video has gone crazy-viral with more than 6,451,000 views. People cannot seem to get enough of the mom/daughter melody and the cutie pie factor.

More than 750 people have left comments on Dennis Neely’s YouTube page.

The Neelys continue to show off the cuteness and intelligence skills of young Gemma Kate on YouTube as she gets older, month by month.

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