Watch Basil, he knows exactly what to do when his owners say “It’s Bath Time”.

I’ve had dogs my whole life and not one of them looked forward to a bath let alone do what this pooch did.

His owners tell him..It’s Sunday Bath Time… He comes right inside the house. Then without hesitation or stopping for a bit to eat he makes his way up the stairs towards the bathroom.  His owners have trained him well!   It is amazing to see that Basil automatically knows what to do when his owner says the magic words.

Once he reaches the bathroom he doesn’t put up a fight he actually does the opposite.  He steps into the bath tub on his own on foot after the other.  He stands still while his owner removes his collar, what a good boy.  He’s so patient.

Humans and their dogs can have such an amazing relationship when the appropriate time and training are put into it.  Having such a strong bond with your dog can help improve the quality of your life and theirs.  With a bond like this one there are sure is sure to be a lot of love.

Basil has definitely proved to us he is an intelligent dog who isn’t afraid when it comes to taking a bath!


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