Video show two elderly men flaunting their moves, dancing in sync to a funky routine.  At a local dance studio these two grandpas showed off their hip hop dance steps just to prove that age is only a number.

These men move to the rhythm, dancing in perfect step. You should never underestimate older people just because they’re old! We seem to forget that these guys were once young and probably cut a rug in their day. This duo is a great example of that.

You are never too old to shake your booty, and these gentlemen proved that.  Just check out the youngsters in the background they want to be a part of the routine too.  Not today boys, these guys don’t need any help.  They may even teach you a few things if you take time to watch and learn.

This viral video had millions in awe all over the internet.  Even with many years of not performing this routine the grandpas proved you never lose your groove.  Way to go gentlemen.  Job well done!

If you know someone who still has it SHARE this video with them and make their day. Watch it over and over for motivation for whatever you have to face today.  You can do it!


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