No one really knows what they will do in the event of a disaster until one is presented before them. You may run screaming or you may be the courageous type who runs in the direction of the calamity.

What if I was not talking about humans in the sentence above? Well..okay I had them in mind when I wrote it, but this story is about the dog who saved his human.

Neighbors in Port Richmond, Philadelphia heard something they rarely heard from the house they knew to have a dog: barking. The difference this time was that the dog didn’t seem to be barking casually or at a pesky prey.

That’s when they happened to look out their windows to see the brightly-lit horror. The house from which they heard barking was on fire! They wasted no time calling the Fire Department and before long rescue crews arrived.

Firefighters charged into the building to rescue the two women neighbors recalled as the homeowner and her friend. As crews on the ground fought to subdue the vicious blaze, well-trained men in thick suits scoured the charred, smokey rooms.

That’s when they found something that took their breath away.

There, lying on the floor was the unconscious homeowner. Her dog Che, laid on top of her, his thick coat singed and burned. He was soaked as well from the water firefighters were pumping inside to make a rescue attempt even possible.

The firefighters hurridly brought both victims outside and to safety, reviving them with oxygen. The second woman was found inside as well, hurt but not seriously injured.

The women were taken to the hospital, Che’s owner was in fairly rough shape. Che was taken to CARES animal hospital where vets treated him extreme smoke inhalation.

Che is hanging out with his owner’s friend until she’s better

Founder of Red Paw Relief Team said it best when she referred to the rescue.

“It’s pretty amazing. And the fact that he [Che] stayed and tried to comfort his owner shows how important a family member dogs are.”

A few days later Che was released from the vet’s care and taken to a friend of his owner to hang out with until she recovered enough to be released.

If you think Che is a hero, SHARE his story! Check out the video below to see another dog who stuck with her owner and saved him from a ravenous house fire. Her name fits the role she has in her family’s life; her name is Halo. Learn how her owner repaid her for her bravery and courage:


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