Jasmine Block had a prolonged, traumatizing experience that lasted for about a month in the summer of 2017, in Minnesota. In early August, she was abducted, though she escaped in early September and sought out help.

Her search led her to a retired farmer named Earl Melchert. Melchert called the authorities. The authorities came to pick up Jasmine Block As she was being herded into the patrol car, she saw the vehicle of the perpetrators who kidnapped her. The police chased after the vehicle and found one of the men. The two other men were found a few hours later.

After this whole incident happened, Melchert was given a reward of 7,000 dollars, which he gave to Jasmine Block.

The names of the perpetrators were Joshua Holby, Steven Powers and Thomas Barker. Their ages were 31, 20 and 32. Joshua Holby and Thomas Barker came from Carlos, while Steven Powers came from Mankato.

Steven Powers was the man in the car who was chased down and caught by police. Joshua Holby and Thomas Barker were caught several hours later at a traffic stop.

Jasmine Block knew Thomas Barker’s Son, and her family knew Thomas Barker. Thomas Barker approached Jasmine Block around 11 pm in Alexandria, asking for help. He told her that his son wasn’t behaving properly and hat he needed her help. She stepped into his vehicle, thinking that he was going to drive her to a home in Alexandria. Instead, he drove her to a home in Carlos.

Once Barker drove her to the home the Carlos, he restrained her with zip ties, threatened to kill her with a gun and sexually abused her. Throughout the next several weeks, they beat her up, forced her to do sex acts and tortured her in weird ways, along with the two other men. They almost drowned her twice in a bathtub. Numerous times, they made her stand on a bucket with a rope around her neck.

In the pursuit of not getting caught, the men moved from place to place. As they traveled, Jasmine Block was shoved in a duffel bag in the back of their truck.

The missing person’s report for Jasmine Block was filed on August 8th. On September 5th, her captors left her alone to get lunch. She immediately escaped, knocked on doors to no avail. She swam partially across Thompson Lake, arriving at Earl Melchert’s property. Initially, Earl Melchert thought that she was a deer in the grass.

However, he realized that what he was seeing was a girl. He drove toward her in his vehicle, and she ran toward him. He immediately recognized her appearance from the posters that were posted up everywhere.

Steven Powers is facing one count of false imprisonment, one count of criminal sexual conduct and one count of kidnapping.

Joshua Holby is being charged with one count of false imprisonment and two counts of kidnapping.

Thomas Barker is facing two counts of first-degree sexual misconduct, one count of false imprisonment, one count of assault with a dangerous weapon and two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. He admitted to the authorities that he consumed alcohol and meth.

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