Dog owners know that a dog will beg them to play fetch, and now it seems that even a skeleton toy has to give in to this obsession, too.

There is no doubt that some dogs are full of energy, which is probably one reason why they love playing fetch, but this game can get a little tiresome for owners. Sure, an owner is going to humor the dog for some time, but this does not mean the owner can play with the dog all day. There is a lot to do in a day, so owners have to ignore their dogs at some point.

Bolt is one of those dogs with a lot of energy to waste. This could be one reason it loves to fetch so much. The 12-year-old border collie has probably begged everyone in his family to play fetch with him, but it did not work. Bold decided to look elsewhere and found a peculiar Halloween doll sitting on top of a chair on the porch. This is someone Bolt has not seen and what better way to welcome this bony stranger than to invite the skeleton to play catch.

Check out the video below!

The following video shows Bolt attempting to play with the toy skeleton. There he is, placing the Frisbee directly into the skeleton’s hands, thinking it might convince the stranger to play.

The dog is never going to understand that the toy is not real, so he may continue to ask the toy to play. Bolt is going to be disappointed every time because he will be repeatedly let down. This is the part that is kind of sad, which is probably going to prompt Bolt’s owners to play fetch with poor Bolt at least a few times.

It may be tiresome to play fetch with dogs, but the truth is that this is a positive thing. It ensures that dogs and other domesticated pets stay active at all times. This helps keep the pet happy and healthy. Pets, like dogs, must exercise to keep those muscles limber and the joints ready to make a move should it be necessary. Playing this sport also satisfies a dog’s natural instinct to hunt, which helps keep dogs happy.

It may surprise some dog owners, but dogs can suffer from depression, and playing fetch is one way to prevent this problem from happening to a beloved pet. Who knows if Bolt’s skeleton toy is ever going to wake up from its plastic slumber and play fetch with him, but it is only a matter of time before automatic fetch toys are available to the public.

This will definitely make it easier for pet owners to satisfy their dogs never-ending obsession with fetch without getting too tired.

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Source: Little Things


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