After you have kids you look forward to all of the firsts you get to experience with them. When they crawl for the first time, take their first steps, say their first words…. But no one thinks about the first time they try cold foods, not until it happens anyway!

Little Ty is 19 months old and he’s never had ice cream before.

He saw it in his mommy’s bowl after dinner and everyone was eating it, so he was curious and wanted some too but little did he know how cold it was going to be or that it could give you a brain freeze.

His daddy got his first spoonful ready and Ty was excited but as soon as it went into his mouth, the cold made him make funny faces and he wasn’t sure what to think at first but when he tasted it and found out that it was good, he kept coming back for more.

You could tell that after each time he took a bite he was getting a brain freeze because he kept tapping on his head. It’s the most hilarious but adorable thing ever!!

Everyone, including his parents, burst into laugher and couldn’t hold it back.

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