This daddy-daughter duo and the remix that they decided to perform in their car to this popular song has gained such recognition. Three-year-old Blakely puts her all into this duet, and her father, Billy, adds his own style to it as well.

This is a great way for them to spend father-daughter bonding time together, and other fathers and daughters might want to take a page out of their book if they are looking for fun and creative ways to spend time together.

In the video, Blakely is belting out the lyrics, and her father intermittently joins in, becoming particularly prominent during the very well-known Let It Go chorus. It appears that Blakely’s mom is in the car as well, as you can occasionally hear her laughing at her husband and daughter in the background. However, her laughing face is only shown at the very end of the video.

It is clear though that she has very much enjoyed the performance of her husband and daughter and would probably like to see an encore if possible. The whole thing was captured on video, and they clearly thought that it was worthy to post on the internet to show the world, so it is obvious that they were all having fun in the car at this time.

This little girl does not seem shy at all, but her father encourages her to be even louder than she is already being and really just sing her heart out when it comes to this very popular song.

They both seemed to really enjoy expressing themselves in this way, and why shouldn’t they?

They are absolutely adorable together, and many other people have created their own renditions of this song. This one just turns out to be extremely entertaining on video, not only to the people who were there in the moment but also the people who are watching this performance later on on the internet.

Billy at several points encourages his daughter to sing as loud as she possibly can, which she definitely does. They both add their own contribution to their own little rendition of this song, and the result is very entertaining to everyone in the car, as well as everyone watching the video.

It is clear that they have a great relationship and will likely have a great relationship as this little girl grows up, and hopefully, we can see more of these two in the future on video, sharing more than just a love of a very popular Disney movie.


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