We’ve all have a moment in our lives where we just wanted to stand on top of a table and wave our hands in the air like we just don’t care. Regardless of how ecstatic we might have thought we were, nothing quite compares to this video of 6-year-old Loren Patterson being swept away by the music performed by her church choir.

This joyful little girl seems to have touched a plethora of lives around the globe. The family has reported that they’ve seen an abundance of heartfelt stories relating to 6-year-old Loren.

It didn’t take long for dozens to turn into hundreds after Loren’s mother Jennifer Patterson shared the video via Facebook of her daughter signing in the First Baptist Church children’s choir in Dickson, Tennessee earlier this week. Since then the Patterson family has been reached out to by many viewers.

“Loren singing in choir this morning. In case you can’t find her she’s the one in pink and brown,” Patterson wrote in the post.

The Patterson family

As of today, Loren’s video has been watched more than 45 million times, followed by a sea of comments relating to Loren and how inspiring her performance was. You can observe Loren, just positioned near the end of a row of children, goes with the groove of the music as it plays, even when the children’s part of the choir was already finished.

6-year-old Loren Patterson sings at her church with the rest of the choir, singing, dancing, and spreading love to viewers worldwide.

With an ear-to-ear smile shining on Loren’s face, she just can’t seem to help herself in the video. You’ll see her drumming her hands on her legs, bobbing her head, “Vogue” and even karate-chop! Who would have expected such stunning dance moves from a six-year-old? Next up you’ll see her moving her shoulders to the song, “Old Church Choir,” by Zach Williams.

Interestingly enough, this was Loren’s first time to perform at the 2,000-member church. “It was her first time singing in front of this crowd,” Patterson reported. Both Patterson and the soloist starring in the video were quite aware that Loren was stealing away the show, positioned immediately behind the kids’ choir.

“I noticed some people making faces and something like that, and my husband (Mike) was in the audience,” noted Patterson. “So I saw him laughing and I didn’t know why so I just continued singing and I didn’t know was going on.” It wasn’t until later in the night when another congregant, Brian Dodd, messaged her with a video of Loren doing her thing.

Patterson and the family are quite new to the church and choir, but Loren and her 3-year-old little sister are never short of having enough energy to sing around their home.

“Around here she sings all the time, she’s always dancing around, she makes up her own songs about Jesus,” Patterson said. “That’s just her personality; she’s so bubbly and she’s been that way all her life.”

Patterson said viewers all over the world have reached out to Loren and the family, most of them including a story of how the video changed them during difficult parts of their lives. “I’ve had a lot of stories,” she said. “Different people dealing with cancer or hard times, people losing their parents recently.”

“I had one lady, her 13-year-old son, she just lost him in September,” she recalled. Patterson was touched to hear how the grieving mother smiled for the first time after her son’s death. “That touched me as a mom, of course,” Patterson sympathized.

If that wasn’t touching enough, another woman reached out to Patterson to let her know the video helped restore her faith in spirituality!

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Sources: Today.com


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