Bears are often seen as ginormous creatures that can be scary or intimidating, but what about cute little bear cubs?

From stories like Winnie the Pooh to the Disney movie Brother Bear, cubs are known for mischief and trouble. Even though these examples are fictional, there are often news stories about bear cubs getting into trouble. If a charming little bear cub was in distress, who would not be inclined to help?

In this case, not just one, but two cubs found their way into the chilly and icy waters of Russia. Two fishermen found the cubs and used fishing nets to reel in the unusual catch. How the cubs made it to the inner parts of Lake Vygozero in the Republic of Karelia is unknown, but luckily the fishermen were there to save the day.

It may come as a surprise that many cubs do not come across heroes that pull them into boats, which often leads to increased numbers of bear cub drownings per year. In the video below, we see the tired cubs struggling to hold onto the side of the boat.

As heroic as the actions of the fishermen were, it was always important to note the safety measures taken by the fishermen themselves. Instead of immediately going to pick up the bear cubs or grab their paws, the fishermen made a smart decision to use nets to pull the cubs into the boat.

This is an example of noteworthy safety to fishermen who might be in similar situations. Even though an instant reaction may be to grab a bear cub, the cubs themselves may feel threatened. This could result in a fisherman getting scratched or injured because, in a high-stress situation, a poor little cub might not understand what is happening. As cute as bear cubs can be, they are still wild animals that could potentially harm humans in stressful situations.

However, this story has a happy ending of seemingly grateful cubs being safely pulled into the boat. More stories similar to this one should be noticed, and maybe more individuals will feel inclined to help animals in similar endangering situations.

Even if the animal is as small as a turtle or a bird, helping animals provides a positive message. Similar to what is stated in the article, everyone must have a soft spot for helpless bear cubs.

Whether you are fishing the icy waters of Russia or the chilly waters of the northern United States, rescuing bear cubs always provides a sense of appreciating and helping wild animals in nature.

In conclusion, this sense of nature appreciation can give hope to a seemingly dark world where many humans are harming the environment or wild animals.

source: The Daily Caller

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