Elton John is not beloved by everyone. This toddler could not stand to bear the lyrics and melody of the legendary singer’s classic, ‘Circle of Life’ from Disney’s The Lion King.

Violet is a baby who recently had the chance to get two lullabies sang to her before bedtime by dad. The little one’s father could not quite figure out which song to choose between the ‘Circle of Life’ and the theme song from the Blinky Bill franchise so, being the good father that he is, he moved to sing them both.

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Violet perked up when her dad began singing about Blinky Bill. The youngster laughed and bounced to the upbeat rhythm of the sand. Elton John’s ‘Circle of Life,’ did not go over as well, though. In fact, Violet burst into tears upon hearing her father hit the first note. Could it be that Elton John’s song was more along the lines of scary for Violet? Or, could it have been her father’s singing that made the youngster cry? Who knows?

What is for sure, though, is the love that kids have for Blinky Bill. Dorothy Wall introduced the fictional character to Australian kids in 1933. Blinky Bill has been impacting the lives of children ever since as it has never gone out of print in Australia.

Disney’s The Lion King has been equally influential in the United States. The film was meant to be another great flick of the 90s but has turned into a classic story in which a father’s love for his son transcends death. The Lion King took on Broadway a few years back and continues to add to the arts.

Elton John discussed the manner in which writing ‘The Circle of Life’ changed the course of his career during a 2011 interview. “Funny thing is when you get established, and you’re older, people get afraid to ask you to do things. They say, ‘Oh he won’t do that.’ Like when Tim Rice called me to do the Lion King in 1993, it changed the course of my career and my life,” he said.

“I’d never done something like this before,” John explained. “And if he hadn’t of phoned me, and asked me to do it then I would never have written four stage musicals, three animated musicals, scores for movies.”

Elton John’s success and story behind the song certainly did not influence Violet’s decision. She clearly preferred the liveliness of Blinky over the sentiments that come with life’s circle. Violet liked Blinky Bill’s tune best, and that’s all she wrote.

We all have that one song that just brings us to tears, don’t we? Please share this adorable baby’s reaction.

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