Andrea Hinay was at the mall with her mom Aprilyn in the Phillippines.

It was just a normal day of shopping and picking up things they needed, that is, until something crazy happened.

Andrea is only 4 years old but is such a sassy little girl. While they were checking out at the store, the cashier challenged Andrea to perform and dance for everyone there and of course she didn’t say no.

The little superstar broke out her best dance moves and really brought a good show to the employees and shoppers. They were cheering her on and clapping and hollering for her.

As you can see in the video, she certainly has moves for only being 4 years old. The expressions on her face and intense moves show that Andrea loves to put on a show and be the center of attention. She couldn’t get enough.

In the video, Andrea introduces herself and says, “Hi everyone, my name is Andrea Uniz Hinay. I’m 4 years old, performing live!”

After her performance Andrea’s mother Aprilyn explains how proud she is of her daughter for being who she is and for her talent that brings a smile to people’s faces everyday.

She says, “Our whole family is really proud of her. She’s sassy and has God-given talent which makes other people happy. She just loves showing off her dance moves. Some of the comments to her video have really made our hearts flutter.”

If you think Andrea is a talented little girl and the world should see her awesome dance moves, please share this with everyone you know!!



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